Argumentative essay on perkin’s “the yellow wallpaper” about feminism


I need to write a research argumentative essay. My topic is – ” How does Charlotte Perkin’s story, “The Yellow Wallpaper”, address Feminism?”

I have added the 1. Story – “The Yellow Wallpaper”

2. Professor’s Instruction:

    a. 1302 Research Paper assignment instruction

    b. Argumentative Essay Outline 

3. In addition to this: I have added my prior submissions which should match with this essay     a. Annotated Bibliography – Jones

    b. Proposal Argument – Jones

    c. Research Introduction – Jones

    d. Research Outline – Jones (this missed the counter argument, pls add that)



Be sure to focus on the literature, using the conversation to help you discuss the story in a way that it remains the emphasis of the paper.

Must meet the Professor’s instruction.

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