Create a game for first graders that will test their knowledge on


Create a game for first graders that will test their knowledge on multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.


Do not perform the calculations in the Main function. Each operation must be invoked by the methods listed below.

Selecting the game options needs be invoked in a method

  • public static void gameSelect(int gameOption){}

Each method will return the number of problems that were answered correctly

  • public static int AdditionProblems() {}
  • public static int MultiplicationProblems(){}
  • public static int SubtractionProblems(){}
  • public static int DivisionProblems(){}
  • Two part answer
  • Quotient and Remainder
  • If the remainder is zero have the player enter zero



  1. Program will ask for the student’s first name.
  2. After their name is entered, the program will greet the student.
  3. “Hello,_____________.
  4. Welcome to the Math Game.”
  5. “Choose which math operations you would like to practice with.”
  6. The program will display 4 different options to choose:
  7. “Choose which math problem you would like to work with”
  8. Multiplication
  9. Division  (Two part answer Quotient and the Remainder)
  10. Subtraction
  11. Addition.
  12. After the student selects the choice, the program will generate 10 simple math problems at random.
  13. The program will store how many problems are answered correctly.
  14. The method will return the total score to be printed on the output.
  15. After the 10th problem, the program will display the final score.
  16. Display option for the student to continue the game.
  17. When the student selects to continue the game, the program will ask to choose another math topic. (Repeat the Main menu)
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