Ensuring os security | Computer Science homework help

 Please read below and respond with 150 words or more in your own opinion.

Malicious software is also known as malware is software created  to gain access/damage a CPU without the knowledge of the owner. Types  of malware include spyware, worms, keyloggers, and true viruses or any  type of malicious code that infiltrates a computer (Ronen et al., 2018).

Malware was created for pranks and activism but, has evolved  into vandalism and theft. Much of today’s malware can be found in the  form of adware which allows profiting through forced advertising.  Spyware allows systems to be compromised allowing sensitive information  to be stolen and ransomware which is generally used for extortion. A  prime example of a ransomware attack is the Colonial Pipeline attack  which highlighted the US vulnerabilities of the country’s critical  infrastructure. Hackers were able to obtain data from a fuel company,  scramble that information, and held it until the ransom is paid.

Numerous factors can leave a system vulnerable to attacks. OS  defects in design and allowing users to have advanced permissions are  causes of system vulnerabilities to attacks. Ensure your system security  by using a firewall in an OS. Firewalls try to protect systems from  outsiders gaining control/access to the system. Make sure the system  automatically updates software. This will allow patches for OS defects.  It is the feature provided in an operating system that assists users  with keeping programs updated according to time, including software,  drivers, etc gets pushed without manual interaction (Vinayakumar et al.,  2019). Finally, the use of antivirus software along with spyware and  malware detection software.

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