Federal objectives 10 | Government homework help

I need to read the power point  and answer the questions

1. Define the types of legislatures: bicameral and unicameral.

2. Identify the makeup of Congress and the House of Representatives (e.g. number of members, geographical ties, length of term, term limits, etc.).

3. Identify the eligibility requirements for being a Senator or Representative.

4. Identify the current U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators for the State of Oklahoma. (See Supplementary Materials Folder in Moodle).

5. Identify the powers of Congress, including those unique to the House and the Senate, respectively.

6. Define the types of congressional representatives: trustee and delegate.

7. Examine the principles of reapportionment, including its meaning and source.

8. Define gerrymandering. 

9. Identify advantages for an incumbent in a congressional election. 

10. Examine the leadership structure of the House and Senate (e.g. Speaker, Majority/Minority Leaders, Majority/Minority Whips, President of the Senate, Senate Pro Tempore, etc.), including their responsibilities.

11. Describe the process whereby a bill becomes a law.

12. Identify the ways that legislation can be killed or delayed, including filibuster/cloture, and veto/override. (See Supplementary Materials Folder in Moodle)

13. Define the concept of separation of powers. 

14. Define the concept of checks and balances, including its definition and examples for each branch of government. 

15. Define the types of congressional committees, including standing, joint, and select/special.

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