Major current environmental problems | Appd Ethics & Tech


In PART B, you will be expanding on the same environmental issue you chose in PART A by applying the EGAD method.


EVALUATE the issue:

  • What are the implications/major problems related to this issue?
  • How has this environmental issue effected the world globally?
  • How does this environmental issue effect you/your city locally?

GENERATE solutions:

  • What are some possible solutions at a global level?
  • What are some possible solutions at a local level?
  • Identify a minimum of four (4) potential solution.

ANALYZE the pros and cons:

  • What are the PROs for each of the solutions you have outlined?
  • What are the CONS for each of the solutions you have outlined?
  • Include a minimum of three (3) PROs and CONs for each solution.


  • After considering the PROs and CONs, choose the best possible solution to the environmental problem.
    • Why did you choose this solution?
    • Why is this the best option?
    • What would be the future consequences if this solutions was not implemented?

Assignment Criteria:

  • This assignment is worth 10%.
  • Word Length: 300 – 500 words
  • Include references to the following:
    • Course textbooks
    • eLectures
    • External references
  • Double spaced
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