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page1image8643392The primary aim of this course is to develop a foundational understanding on economic principles and models relevant to public policy. It will also examine the different roles of government, basic principles of macroeconomics and microeconomics, influence of economics on policy choices, and public service values.


At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to do the following:

  • ●  Describe the principles of microeconomics and the different perspectives.
  • ●  Describe the utility of economics on public policymaking processes.
  • ●  Students will understand the influence of economics on policy choices and policy analysis.
  • ●  Understand how public service values shape and form public policy.
  • ●  Students will understand how the public service values such as ethical behavior, diversity, equity, integrity,
    efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism shape the formulation and implementation of public policy and administration.


1. Select an economic case that affected or lead to the creation of a policy. This could be a domestic or international case study. If you are unsure of a case study at the beginning of the semester, begin researching economic principles and its effect on policy. You are welcome to refer to the previous Short Writing Assignments as a guide for your final project.

a) Your project must identify a social phenomenon and a policy (or policies, if you decided to compare different policies with each other) that addresses the phenomena. How was the policy adopted? How was it implemented? Is there a big difference between the adoption and implementation process? For this requirement, you should think of the models of policy process we discussed throughout the semester.

b) Identify the economic benefits and costs prior to the adoption (or amendment) of your selected policy. Be sure to also include tangible and intangible factors (you do not have to measure the factors, but you should be able to identify them appropriately in your project)
c) Identify the positive and negative externalities of the adopted policy. Who were the stakeholders? Who was primarily affected? How has this policy affected public well-being?

d) Your project should offer multiple perspectives that would explain the benefits, costs, and externalities of your topic. What were the conflicting ideas/proposals? What would you propose that would merge the conflicting ideas and proposals to meet half-way?
e) Take a stance on whether or not you think your selected policy is a success or failure. Provide examples to explain your stance.

2. You should have at least five scholarly sources (peer reviewed) for your final paper.
3. Your final paper should be between 15 – 20 pages in length (APA, double spaced)
4. You should apply the economic and public administration theories and principles learned throughout the semester to your project.

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