On 17th december 2018, the competition and markets authority (cma)


On 17th December 2018, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published an update paper outlining serious competition concerns and proposing changes to legislation to improve the audit sector for the benefit of savers and investors alike.


Identify and critically discuss these radical proposals.

I need you to research thoroughly the act of 17th Dec 2018 by the CMA and talk about what it entailed. This info is very easily accessible around.

Must address ALL of the following 4 sections:

– what were the serious competitions concerns

– what were changes to legislation proposed 

– effect on audit sector 

– how did it benefit savers and investors 

1500 Words / Harvard Referencing

Please enter into deep research of the CMA act of Dec 2018. It is critical!

I attach further general info into the theory of Audit and Assurance 

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