Preparing lab handout (projectile motion)

 You are the lab instructor for Phys 1401 on ground class. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic your labs transferred to an online lab simulation. You must prepare a lab handout for an experiment that your students will perform following the instruction you are presenting in the handout. Your handout must contain:  PART ONE: 1. The theory of the experiment (about 20 lines).  2. All steps (Instructions) that the student must follow to perform all the sections of the experiment. Performing the simulation will enable the student to understand the physical concepts of projectile motion.  3. Conceptual questions that verify to you as an instructor that the student understands the theory and the experiment ( at least 7 questions).  PART TWO:  After preparing the handout, write your answers/ observations (assuming you are the student) following the Instructions prepared by you (the instructor) 

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