Psychotherapy assignment | Psychology homework help

1-Research Paper:Students will be required to complete a short research paper (5 – 7

pages, including references) on a contemporary issue relating to career counseling and

development. Research paper must be submitted in APA format. Students are

required to use a minimum of 3 professional journals in addition to the text.

 Choose a career issue you would like to explore in depth. Explain why you have

chosen this issue and its importance to you personally and to the target population

of your choice. Provide solutions to address career issue. Examples: Career issues

for baby boomers facing retirement, multicultural populations, people with

disabilities, veterans, ex-offenders, workplace issues, workforce development

issues. This assignment will be used to develop the presentation for your Career

Education Program.


this is how the research paper will be graded

10% Relevance to course content

50% Integration of text material, academic theory and research

20% Illustration of how to fix issue and proposal of a program

10% Clarity of expression and cohesiveness in organization

10% Compliance with APA style guide


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