Qep assessment discussion 2 part b


To do:

Read the following scenario and answer the discussion questions:


A woman turns on her television to watch the 6:00 evening news and is horrified when a reporter shows video footage of an unknown suspect who turns out to be the woman’s 18 year old son robbing a convenience store at gunpoint.


Question 1: Briefly explain what you consider to be the main ethical issue or dilemma in this scenario? Identify the consequences for both the mother and son. (SLO 2: Ethical Issue)

Question 2: Briefly explain the social and personal obligations of the mother in this scenario? In your opinion, what would be the proper ethical action for the mother? (SLO 3: Perspectives)

Question 3: How do your personal values influence your answers? Explain (SLO 1:Values)

Key: This is just an exercise and there aren’t any right or wrong answers, so please have fun.

To Collaborate:

  • Respond to at least one fellow colleague/classmate.

To reply:

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