Social problem: addiction | Sociology homework help

Dear Social Problems Students,

This week during lecture we began looking at one particular public issue: Addiction. We watched an episode from the A&E series Intervention, “Nichole’s Story”

Based on the ideas presented in the course readings, the points made during lecture, as well as material from “Nichole’s Story,” here are two questions for you to write about:

1.  How can people who are, by definition, chronically afflicted by a disease that is beyond their own personal control be empowered to master this disease through participation in a therapeutic community?

2. In what ways does this documentary paint addiction as a chemical problem? In what ways does it paint addiction as a social problem too?

Please draft a written response to either #1 or #2. Your choice.

Your written responses must be between 500-600 words. 

The paper must have cites from two readings!!!!

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