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Instructions Warm-Up Activity 1.1: How to Prepare a Timeline Timelines are a visual way to present information to readers. By using text, graphics and pictures, you can deliver background information in a unique, yet understandable manner. Timeline tips: Your assignment provides you with general information and instructions on what you need to include in your timeline. 1. Outline your timeline. Start by outlining your key points and dates that your timeline needs to cover. This approach will help you to identify, present, and submit your information in a logical manner. 2. Research events, theories, individuals, etc. Next, as you do with any assignment, locate accurate information about your timeline elements. Remember to keep track of your source materials because you will need to provide citations and references for your work. 3. Locate images. Because your timeline is a visual presentation of information, locate images (pictures, art, graphics, etc.) that you can incorporate into your timeline. 4. Decide on a format. You can create a timeline by using several, different methods. If you have Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, visit the following website for instructions on how to create a timeline: https://support.office.com/en-US/Article/Create-a-timeline-1770e4df-3a4a-4145-a35a-e8973497d9e7?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US. You may also want to check for any free timeline templates on the Internet. 5. Decide how to present information. Consider how you will present the information. Once you have decided, be consistent in your approach. For example, if you name a theorist or key figure, will you include his/her birth and death dates? How much detail will you provide about an individual, a theory, an event, etc.? 6. Use color, bold, italics, and font size for emphasis. If there are specific points that you want the reader to notice, consider using bold, italics, or color for emphasis. You may also want to use a larger or smaller font size to indicate relationships within the content. Whatever your choice, be consistent and use emphasis elements sparingly (one color or technique). 7. Cite and reference source material. Images and information must be cited and referenced. Depending on the template you decide to use, you may use citations with footnotes to indicate the source (in a spreadsheet program) or citations, and then a separate reference page or slide (in a word processing document or presentation program). Be sure to adhere to basic APA format for references. Assignment For this task, you will place the following psychologists and their motivational research on a timeline. In your timeline, indicate the year or decade in which the individual�s contributions were made, and then provide a brief summary of the individual�s key findings or theory. Key theorists � Richard P. Bagozzi and Paul R. Warshaw � Frank and Lillian Gilbreth � Jerald Greenberg � Frederick Herzberg � Robert Hoppock � Kurt Lewin � Edwin Locke � Abraham Maslow � Elton Mayo � Hugo M�nsterberg � Walter Dill Scott � Edward Thorndike � Louis Leon Thurstone � Morris Viteles

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