3. x cubed + 9x squared

3. x cubed + 9x squared
x squared + 6x – 27
a) The simplified solution is: _____________
b) The expression cannot be simplified.

4. Dolbear’s law states the relationship between the rate at which Snowy Tree Crickets chirp and the air temperature of their environment. The formula is T= 50 + N-40/4, where T is a temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and N is a number of chirps per minute. If N = 66, find the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, T.

T = _______ degrees (Type an integer or a decimal.)

5. Three good friends are in the same Algebra class. Their scores on a recent test are three consecutive odd integers whose sum is 219. Find each score.

__________ (Use commas to separate answers.)

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