406 journal 4 | SMGT 406 – Issues and Trends in Sport | Liberty University

 Journal 4  

Based upon the assigned readings and presentations, you will answer all questions using current APA formatting (Times New Roman, 12- point font, and double spaced). All answers must be compiled in a Word document. Citations from the assigned reading are required in answering the questions. The written assignments must include at least one reference(s) in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. Each answer must be comprehensive, with sport related current examples. Each question must be answered with 400–500 words. Select 4 of the following questions to answer. Critical thinking must be demonstrated in each answered question.  

  1. Should coaches be fired for running up the score? What do cases suggest about good sporting behavior.  
  2. Does sport play a positive role in promoting diversity and equal opportunity?  
  3. To equalize the number of scholarships for men and women at Universities, should leaving out football out of Title IX an equitable solution? If not, what other ideas would you for an athletic director who faces the increasing cost without an increasing budget.  
  4. What moral lessons have you learned from participating in sport?  
  5. Do players have any ethical obligations to their sport, their fans, and the media?  
  6. Has Title IX changed our views on gender logic in our society?  
  7. Why is using a team name such as the fighting Sioux or the Redskins a problem?  
  8. How can sports challenge the views of race logic and help transform racial and ethical relations?  
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