Answering the questions | Sociology homework help

Question 1: To select an excerpt from one of the week’s readings Raskoff (2007), Ingraham (2011), Messner (1999) or Tatum (2015) or Jay’s (2015) video fragment. 

Identify the author you focus on, retype the excerpt, and write a short response to it. Your comment can be challenging the idea in the reading or video, expanding upon its argument, comparing the argument with another perspective we’ve discussed in the course, or anything else that you think critically explores the reading or video. It should not be a summary of the excerpt.

You need to:

– Explain why your excerpt is important to the reading or video and to your understanding of human sexuality.

Make one connection between the excerpt you chose and another concept in our course – another reading, a lecture from a different week, or a concept from another section of the course. The connection can be negative! In other words, maybe you think another concept clashes or disagrees with your excerpt.

Include the excerpt re-typed in full. Please note your own explanation bears more value than simple retyping, so please make sure your analysis based on the points above is longer than the excerpt you copy paste. Your voice is more important here.

– Leave a peer comment for at least two colleagues in this public discussion.


Question2: Daina Eglitis provides a number of ways in which people in rich nations benefit from global poverty. Which do you find most convincing? Why? 

Question3: This exercise requires you to carefully consider what you just read about intersectionality from Lorde (1983) and Collins (1994).

Write two things you learned from the texts.

What two questions do you still have?

What one thing really stood out for you?

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