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Case Study:  Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

Barry has noticed that Pinnacle Custom Homes Case isn’t the cheerful, pleasant place it used to be. Back when he was building six homes a year, everyone appeared to be dedicated to meeting deadlines, controlling costs, and keeping customers highly satisfied. But over the past two years the company has grown to 15 houses and added two new employees. Now it seems like everything is falling through the cracks: Deadlines are missed, mistakes are made on the houses, and work has to be redone. In addition, no one wants to accept responsibility for mistakes, and everyone blames someone else. Barry has also noticed that tempers are shorter, and he even has found himself arbitrating territorial disputes between departmental functions.

Yes, people may have become burned out from the increased work, but Barry had hired additional help in both the office and the field and had increased salaries to keep pace with the market. The fun and spark have gone out of the work, and Barry feels a distinct lack of enthusiasm or camaraderie in the ranks. What is going wrong?

In this writing assignment you are being asked to answer the challenge questions below using 300-400 words (maximum).  You can submit this in Canvas in Word or PDF format.  Treat this writing assignment as a business work product, ensuring that you proof your work, use citations when necessary and be sure to address every aspect of the challenge question.  A basic grading guide is included in the course syllabus under the heading ‘Class Assignments’.

Challenge Questions:

  1. As a leader and owner of Pinnacle Custom Homes, what business challenges does Barry face with the workforce?
  2. Utilizing the concepts from Chapters 1-4, provide a brief plan that Barry could use that identifies the problem(s), potential challenges and how to resolve them. Note:  It is important to include terms and concepts from chapters 1-4 and apply them to the situation to receive the optimal grade.
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