Choose one of the following case studies to review.(case study pdf’s



  •  Pigni, F., Bartosiak, M., Piccoli, G., & Ives, B. (2018). Targeting target with a 100 million dollar data breach. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases, 8(1), 9-23. doi:
  •  Petalidis, N. (2018). Lessons from attempting to backsource a government IT system. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases, 8(1), 90-96. doi:
  •  Babin, R., Khan, M. S., & Stewart, K. (2018). An IT outsourcing dilemma at sick kids hospital. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases, 8(1), 81-89. doi:

Write a 4-5 page paper; 6-7 pages with cover and references pages. The following things should be included in your paper:

  • Answer the questions at the end of the case study. Create a unique header (not the question itself) that addresses the answer to the question presented. 
    • For instance; if the question is… “What is the top emerging tech of 2020?” For a header, you would have – 2020 Top Emerging Trend
    • Personal thoughts about this case – this is the ONLY section that you may write in first person. Unless noted – all APA papers should be written in 3rd person – a neutral voice.
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