Consequential ethical analysis | Education homework help


Assignment 1 Consequential ethical analysis

Due: April 5 , 201811.00 PM

Length: 1000 words maximum

Weighting: 20%

You should follow the ‘Assignment Planning’ activities in the SOC10236 Study Guide and all relevant online discussions concerning this assessment to perform well in this assignment.

You are required to select oneof the five topics listed below andclearly defineone focused and specific ethical questionrelevant to your chosen topic which you will analyse in both assignments 1 and 2.

The five topics are 

1. Media, advertising or public relations;

2. Multinational corporations operating in developing countries; 

3. The taking of human or non-human life;

4. Artificial intelligence;

5. Equity, diversity, multiculturalism, immigration (in the workforce or society).

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