Discussion about the lever, ltd. case study — november 25 – december | Marketing | Bergen Community College


Dear Class,  

The deadline for posting your own, individual paper for the Lever, Ltd. Case Study Paper was April 21st.

So, I am now opening-up a New Discussion based on this Case Study.  While I am correcting your papers, I want the class to discuss this case.  I am giving the class 13 days to share individual opinions and comments about Sung, King and their situation.

I want everyone to POST only a few brief comments — for just one question.  Do NOT cut and paste full paragraphs from your paper.   NOTE:  Comments must be SHORT, SIMPLE and DIRECT.  No posting should be longer than 4 sentences.  

NOTE:  Each student can ONLY do an initial Comment for one (1) of the following 3        questions:  (1) Evaluate the present strategy for Guard, and Sung’s versus King’s proposed strategies ?     (2) How should the promotion money be allocated ? (3) Should investment-spending market tests be run first?  If so, why or why not ? Make the SUBJECT of YOUR POSTING one of the following:   #1  Guard Strategies – Sung vs. King    #2  How should the Promotion Money should be Allocated?   #3  Should Investment Spending Market Tests be done, and if so, why? EVERYONE — PLEASE KEEP 3 Separate STRINGS OF POSTINGS & COMMENTS.That way it will be easier for everyone to follow the comments within each of the 3 separate strings, each of which will have 1 of the 3 different topics.Other students ARE ENCOURAGED to post comments and opinions about the initial postings, for each of the 3 different strings. Do not be shy.  There are many ways to react to this case.  This new Discussion will only stay open for 1 week.  Your postings will count toward your class participation grade.  OK, let the Discussion begin.  NOTE: this discussion with END on SATURDAY evening, 14 at midnight.              Like all Discussions (Forums) this exercise is part of your course grade.       Dr. Laguerre 

“”” The promotion money should be allocated where the rates and profit are high. Reason being is for the simple fact that there is where most of the profits are made so might as well keep those profits up. But then again also allocating a bit of the promotion money into an area that is not as successful can also improve as time goes one. “””””  – classmates reflection

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