Ece 405 week 2 assignment 1


Ashford 3: – Week 2 – Assignment 1


ePortfolio Submission 2: Culturally Relevant, Developmentally Appropriate Lesson Plan

This week, you will complete the second section of your ePortfolio, which will demonstrate your cultural competence using culturally relevant methods and anti-bias curriculum.  You will add a new page to the ePortfolio that you created in Week One using Google Sites. Review the “Creating an ePortfolio” job aid and the Example ePortfolio for guidance.

As discussed in Chapter 3, the concept of culturally relevant, anti-bias instruction includes planning lessons that are relevant to the children and families in your program. Using the required Lesson Plan Template, create two different multicultural lessons based on the developmental level of your choice:

a. Infant/toddler (must be activity-based)

b. Preschool (can be literature-based or activity-based)

c. Early elementary (must be literature-based)

 It is required that you use the Lesson Plan Template to complete this portion of your assignment.  It is suggested that you utilize the Early Childhood and Child Development: Lesson Plan Handbook  as a guide for how to more effectively  plan this lesson. This assignment should be submitted as a two- to three-page document that includes two completed lesson plans, a title page, and reference page. Format your assignment according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.  Please make sure to include at least one scholarly source to support your ideas. Include a link to your ePortfolio on a Word document for submission.


Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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