Ehr system review | Nursing homework help

EHR Systems Review-

EHRs (Electronic Health Records or sometimes also called (EMR) Electronic Medical Record) are used throughout the medical field. Read an overview here  (Links to an external site.)and Fact Sheet.Preview the document Their practice and use changes with the advances in technology. Read this article: Use and Characteristics of Electronic Health Record Systems Among Office-based Physician Practices: United States, 2001–2012Preview the document.

There are FREE EHRs available for use and paid versions as well. Chances are, your clinical experience uses a paid version. At Widener University Community Health Clinical, they use a product called Practice Fusion. Free EHRs overviews are available here: (Links to an external site.)

For this assignment you need to construct a minimum 2 page double space paper in APA format that outlines the purpose of EHRs, your personal experiences in clinical, and their overall role in Health Care. You can download one of the free tools and speak to that process in your paper if you desire. Your scholarly work should have cited sources (3 minimum) in APA format.

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