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 The Nurse Leadership team at Medical Center Hospital, working with each department, has agreed on a listing of color designated scrubs uniforms based on the employee’s home department.  The listing is:  Maternal Child: Navy tops / Navy bottoms  Therapy Services: Red tops / Black bottoms  Pharmacy: Galaxy Blue tops & bottoms  Respiratory: Royal Blue tops & bottoms  Lab: Wine tops / Olive bottoms  Med Surg Floors: Seal Blue tops & bottoms The following employees have been hired recently and report to orientation on the first Monday of the month.  What color uniforms should they wear to orientation?  Gabriella M. – Pharmacy  Tammy G. – Therapy  Debra V. – Respiratory  Matthew D. – Lab  Maricar P. – Lab  Joann D. – Med Surg  Eva W. – Maternal Child The Excel file UniformColor.xls has been started for your use.  Create a nested IF formula to lookup the correct color for each employee.  Next, create a VLOOKUP formula to do the same.  Both formulas should use range names within the formulas 

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