Information technology project in apa format | Information Technology Project

Requirement attached in word file. 

Sample APA format also attached. 

Make sure you will follow the APA format strictly with Table Content and point wise. 


1. – What is an Information Technology Project? (Max 50 words) ”Cite the source – Use APA”

2. – What is research? (Max 100 words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

3. – Why we need to research? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

       3.1. – Explain what we mean by Qualitative research

       3.2. – Explain what we mean by Quantitative Research

       3.3. – What is a survey?

       3.4. – List the major parts of a research paper

       3.5. – What is a Peer Review Journal?

4. – What we need to research? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

        4.1. – Why we need to use keywords during our Lit Review?

5. – What is a research methodology? (Max 100 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

6. – What is a research design? (Max 100 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

7. – What we mean by project deliverable? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

8. – Is deadline an important aspect of a project? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

9. – What is project limitations? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

10. – What do we mean when we say resources? (Max 100 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

11. – Why we need to apply APA Basic Citation Stiles in a research proposal? (Max 100 Words).  “Cite the source – Use APA”

12. – From our Syllabus, please explain what we mean by Academics Integrity? (Max 250 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

13. – What is Plagiarism? (Max 100 Words) ”Reference the Academic Integrity from the Syllabus”

14. – What is Self-Plagiarism? (Max 50 Words)   ”Reference the Academic Integrity from the Syllabus”

To complete this assignment, the following must be observed

1. – Use only Peer-reviewed Journal to research the above questions.

2. – Adhere and apply properly the Basic Citation Styles of the APA (Use as a reference the APA Manual. Sixth Editions).

3. – If you use the ideas, concepts, and words of another author, then, you need to cite the source and give credit to the author. Not citing in-text the source will be considered Plagiarism, and you will receive zero (0) for your assignment.

4. – Do not copy and paste information. (You will receive zero (0) for your Assignment).

5. – No late submission is accepted.

6. – This is an individual assignment, not a group assignment.

7. – You need to use the Sample-APA-Paper provided to submit your assignment.

8. – Use the Sample – APA – Paper provided as a guide to submit your assignment.

      8.1.- Observe the Paper Structure and Formating.

      8.2.- Make sure you observe The Title Page and Structure.

      8.3.- Your list of reference must be per APA.

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