{it is c# use visual studio 2017 }

{it is C# Use Visual Studio 2017 }

A painting company has determined that for every 115 square feet of wall space, one gallon of paint and

8 hours of labor are required. The company charges $18.00 per hour for labor. Create an application

that allows the user to enter into text boxes the total square footage of wall space to be painted and the

price of the paint per gallon. It should then display the following information:

The number of gallons of paint required (remember that if the value has a fraction of a gallon,

you need to increase the number of gallons to the next full gallon of paint)

The hours of labor required

The cost of the paint

The labor charges

The total cost of the paint job

All the bulleted items must be calculated in separate methods.

Input Validation: Do not accept a value less than 10.00 for the price of paint. Do not accept a negative

value for square footage of wall space.

Extra :

Allow the user to enter a number of rooms 1-5. The form should display labels and text boxes (one set

for each room) to allow the user to enter the square footage for each room. These should be added

together in order to get the total square footage.

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