Maria, please assist me with revising or editing my paper | Social Work | Kansas State University


Maria, I would like you to revise/edit a paper that I have written. The paper that I have written regarding if “poverty is a predictor of child abuse” what I would like for you to do is, take the last of assignment that you completed for me regarding the empirical studies references, and cite my paper using those sources that you found and references. You will have to remove my citations and references and add the ones you recently completed for me using the references and sources that you found that links to studies regarding proving that there is a link between poverty being a predictor of child abuse. Can you please assist me with this? you should already have the paper attached to my last assignment that you provided me with. So, you are basically going to add in citations and quotes from those empirical studies references that you completed proving others research or studies that links poverty to child abuse. Please remember to remove my references and citations and add the ones from the empirical study. 

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