Minipresentation (persuasive speech) | English homework help

Please submit Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint only. You must  submit a full-sentence outline and Powerpoint by the deadline (7/13) in  order to give your speech in class. Your submissions will be checked for  plagiarism via safe Assign. Please make sure that you properly  paraphrase, and summarize. Direct quotations should not be more than 10%  of the work. Please also include references at the end. You must have a  minimum of five references.  

Topic :  Virtual And Augmented Reality Can Protect The American Workforce


brief explanation as to why this topic was selected. How does it relate to your audience?  

  – Virtual  And Augmented Reality Can Protect The American Workforce” because a new  technology that could help workers prosper in an age of automation is  being developed by the Department of Labor to train and upskilen people  for jobs in a variety of industries.

This will be the topic. 

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