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MBA 6325-TBA 0000-ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR – 18806.202110

(35 points) You must answer this essay question

  • Scenario: You are working as a manager at a large IT firm. The productivity of the engineers is far below average for the sector. The Board of Directors wants to do something to improve this situation. The CFO suggests introducing a performance-related pay model, which would give the workers a financial incentive to carry out more work. Since you are not sure what causes the low productivity of the engineers, explain how you would carry out an evidence-based approach to solving this problem.
  • Be sure to:
  • • Cite a minimum of 10 textbook concepts and 5 assigned articles/videos
  • • Define evidence-based management and explain why it is valuable
  • • Give a step-by-step plan as to how you would learn more about the productivity problem
  • • Identify the types of reliable sources that would be helpful in this process

Open Response Choose any 5 open response questions to answer

For each open response question, you must cite a minimum of 2 textbook concepts and 2 assigned articles or videos.  

1. A manager of a local call center company recently approached you with the following question: “My employees seem to have a difficult time dealing with customer complaints and criticism.  It seems like everyone leaves work emotionally drained and unsatisfied. What can I do?”  Using your knowledge of emotions, emotional labor, deep and surface acting, and emotional intelligence how would you respond to this manager? In your answer, make sure to clearly describe the concepts of emotional labor and emotional intelligence. Also, be sure to explain how these concepts relate to managing one’s emotions at work.

2. Perceptions of justice impact employee behavior and organizational performance. First, describe the three principles of justice. Second, clearly describe and discuss why managers should be concerned with perceptions of justice or fairness at work (i.e., identify at least two potential consequences of perceptions of injustice). Finally, clearly describe and discuss at least two specific steps that managers can do to build, or create, a fair process. Why are these two steps the most important considerations?

3. Using the assumptions of the rational decision making model, describe whether or not the model is flawed. Contrast the rational decision making process with the concept of bounded awareness and the bounded rationality model of decision making. Finally, discuss cognitive blinders and describe the specific steps we can take to remove these blinders.

4. Given that individuals tend to judge the favorability of their outcomes relative to what others receive, what can be the result of someone getting rewarded for their performance but yet being disappointed in the reward that they receive?

6. Explain to a new manager whether and when to assign work to groups or teams of employees. First, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of group decisions, as compared to individual decisions. Then explain the differences between groups and teams. What are some of the cautions to be aware of when using teams? What tests should be applied to see if a team fits the situation?

Resource Review You must answer both of the resource review questions

1. Identify one required reading or video that you recommend be removed from this course. Explain why.

2. Identify one reading or video that you recommend be added to the course requirements. Explain why.

Self Developed Question You must answer this self-developed question

1. Write your own very good question and answer about a topic covered in the text or one of the assigned readings/videos for the class.  

Bonus (up to 5 points) Optional

Identify a topic that you studied, but that did not appear on this exam. Why is this topic important or relevant to management practice?

Write a multiple-choice question about this topic that could be included in future similar exams.

Be sure to:

• Indicate the correct answer

• Provide the textbook page (or relevant article/video) from which it is derived

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