Powerpoint presentation and survey | Computer Science homework help



PART 1: As a user support specialist, you may be asked to prepare a slideshow presentation for use in a training activity to an individual or a large group. Create a Slideshow of 10 slides explaining/training others how to develop professional FILE MANAGEMENT (using folders, what type of names for folders, files, where do they come from (one creates a file in PPT)         Use attractive background color (1 color or 1 main color as in a template where the following slides use that color plus other colors).

Use the writing guidelines in this chapter along with the material in Appendix C to prepare a slideshow presentation. (chapter and Appendix C are attached check them down below)

PART 2:   Create a MONKEY SURVEY with at least 5 questions. Go to SurveyMonkey.com and SIGN UP FREE. Follow its instructions. 

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