Psy 1700 mod 5 research

 The purpose of this assignment is to discover more about mental health topics /disorders. You will choose a topic to research, then find 3 sources to learn about the topic. One of the sources may be your book, and at least one of the other sources should be from a scholarly peer-reviewed psychology related journal.   Grading Criteria for the Research Paper Assignment The research paper is worth up to 75 points. You will choose a mental health topic. Your topic needs to be approved by your instructor before you begin writing. If your topic has not been pre-approved, you will not pas the assignment. You will research your topic and share back in minimum 3 page paper. You will be graded on format/requirements, readability, and content. The content section should provide an APA formatted, well supported discussion of your topic based upon a minimum of three sources. All should be scholarly sources, but one must be peer reviewed. See the assignment description for more information. 

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