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 Take a look of the speeches below. Based on the reading from chapter 10, what do you think of the speeches and how to effectively communicate with an audience? What are the best ways to introduce yourself? What do you think of the techniques given? 

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1.  After reading through chapter 10 and watching these two speeches. I think the speakers perfectly connected to the audience. one used humor and the other used personal experiences. The best way for someone to introduce themselves is, to be honest as explained in the first video. I think the techniques given are very useful and versatile in the world of giving speeches and in real-world scenarios. 


For the first one it is about our personal presentation. Sometimes it is difficult to tell others who we really are. We want to be safe but hide who we really are. We don’t need to hide your true identity and purpose. We need to express it with the truth without having to tell lies to see ourselves well in front of other people.

In the second “The seven secrets of the great speakers”. Richard Greene is something to admire. He presented the speech with all the components of it through help, examples, naming the seven secrets, but most importantly, and what he said I liked very much; The most important thing is that people need to speak passionately about the things that turn us on that we like. Speaking in front of thousands of people sometimes scares us but you have to confront those fears and say if I can do it because I’m going to talk to them or teach them and give them examples.

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