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Group Proposal Study Format 

A group proposal based on guiding information from the textbook is required.  The following guidelines are provided:

  1. Introduction
    • A proposed group name.
    • Explanation of type of group being proposed (task group, psychoeducational, counseling, psychotherapy, etc.).
    • Rationale for why the group is being created.
  2. Practical Considerations
    • Specific group or population that the group intends to serve. Will the group be voluntary or involuntary?
    • How will group members be recruited to participate in proposed group.
    • Potential ethical and legal issues and how they will be addressed.
  3. Theoretical Orientation
    • What theory or theories will be used to guide the group and why?
  4. Purpose, Goals, and Objectives
    • What is the purpose of the group?
    • What are the goals of the group?
    • What objectives will be used to meet the group goals?
  5. Brief Overview
    • What topics or content will be covered in the group?
  6. Evaluation
    • How will the group be evaluated to determine if goals and objectives were met?
    • How is it measurable?
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