The aztecs (description) | World history homework help

The Aztecs Assignment

 You will create a storybook about the origin, growth (culture, expansion, innovations), and fall of the ancient Aztec culture. The storybook will have five sections and should be written like you are TELLING A STORY from start to finish. It is important to tell about the origin, growth, and fall of the Aztecs. Each section of the story must also have an image that goes along with it.

Use the template below to complete your project on your chosen civilization

Section #1 – Origin of the Aztecs

Description of the origin of the Aztecs (complete sentences)

(Suggestions: Settlement location why and where)


Section #2 – Aztec Culture

Description of the culture of the Aztecs:(complete sentences)

(Suggestions: Social classes, jobs, daily life, religion, education)


Section #3 – Expansion of the Aztecs

Description of the expansion of the Aztecs:(complete sentences)

(Suggestions: Growth through battles, tributes, marriage)


Section #4 – Innovations of the Aztecs

Description of the innovations of the Aztecs:(complete sentences)

(Suggestions: Farming techniques, building, inventions, bartering/trading, calendar)


Section #5 – Fall of the Aztecs 

Description of the fall of the Aztecs:(complete sentences)

(Suggestions: Treatment of others, Spanish Explorer, Medical issues)

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