The writing process: | Management homework help


The Writing Process:

  1. Define the assignment
  2. Research—read and ask questions (find answers)
  3. Brainstorm—articulate concepts and ideas
  4. Outline—organize ideas
  5. Write the essay
  6. Review, critique, and edit

Using APA style write roughly 4 pages (1100 to 1300 words) on your chosen topic.

The assignment is this one:

  • Evaluate the benefits and detriments of atheism and theism. Do the benefits or detriments of one outweigh the other? Use the iBook readings (or other course materials) to support the argument about theism. (You can simply use internet). When you done you should make a presentation and be careful about this aspects:

For the presentation, you will give a academic presentation of your paper to the class. The content of the presentation should reflect the main ideas of the paper. Presentation materials must be submitted on Canvas before you present. See the “Course Agenda” on the syllabus for the due date. Requirements are the following:

  • Roughly 5 minutes (4-7 minutes)
  • Minimum of 3 sources cited from the paper
  • A PowerPoint must be submitted to Canvas before presenting
    • Must have a Title Slide
    • Body slides Must Contain NO TEXT
    • No More than 10 slides
    • Must have sources cited in APA style (include sources for graphics/images/photos used)
  • A Formal Outline must be submitted to Canvas before presenting
    • Outline should be roughly 1 page in length (single spaced)
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